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Before You Simply Put on a Pair of Cute Yoga Pants From One of Your Favorite Online Boutique Stores, There are a Few Things You Need to Learn

Written by Carrie Maguire


Posted on April 27 2015

As everybody is quite aware, yoga pants are worn for yoga. Well, perhaps that was true several decades ago, but oh my how have the times changed. Let’s face it, yoga pants are super comfortable, super stylish and are casually worn by women who don’t know the difference between the downward facing dog pose and the tree pose. But before you simply put on a pair of cute yoga pants from one of your favorite online boutique stores, there are a few things you need to learn. Here are a few tips to take into consideration before you hit the streets in your trendy yoga pants.

Among the most trending type of yoga pants are the ones with the long, flared legs. Think groovy sixties woman in bell bottoms meets modern yoga pants; you get the idea. This type of yoga pants has mercifully taken the place of sweat pants. They are much more flattering as well as extremely comfortable. In addition, flared-leg yoga pants fit easily in any wardrobe as they are tasteful and can be paired with most any type of trendy top. Basically, you can wear your yoga pants with tunics, sweaters, hoodies or even your boyfriend tee or kimono top.

Now, let’s move on to what type of shoes you should wear with your yoga pants. We will go on record right now and say that the only types of shoes NOT to wear with yoga pants are heels and loafers. Other than that, when it comes to what shoes to wear with yoga pants, the sky is pretty much the limit. Everything from sneakers to ballerina flats to oxfords are all fair game.

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